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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hope Solo: My Story

Hope Solo grew up in Richland, Washington in a tract house near her maternal grandparents.  She loved her family.  Her dad stayed home and cared for her and her brother Marcus.  Her mom was the breadwinner working at a factory testing plutonium samples.  Her cherished family fell apart when her father stole checks worth $1,800.00 from Hope’s grandfather.  Their car was repossessed and their home was foreclosed on.  When Hope’s father vanished, she and her brother Marcus came to depend upon their grandparents who showered them with unconditional love and acceptance rather than her mom and a strict new step-father.

Surprisingly, when Hope was in middle school, she was assigned to write a paper about what she wanted to be when she grew up. “I am going to be a professional soccer player.” 

By senior year of high school, Hope was well on her way with 38 goals scored.  College recruiters flocked to her. Imagine Hope’s surprise when on one of her recruitment trips to Seattle, she reconnects with her father-- now a homeless man leaving under a tarp in a park where she plays a game of soccer.  Will her father’s shiftlessness affect her future?
Read this biography to find out how Hope Solo rose in her chosen career--soccer!

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