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Thursday, December 4, 2014

dissonance by Erica O'Rourke

Delancey (Del) and her family are Walkers.  In this multiverse where every choice made creates a parallel universe populated by Echoes of those in the Key World, the One True World from which that Multiverse sprang.  Regular people are the Originals. Walkers such as Del and her best friend Eliot can hear frequencies that others can’t. “To be a Walker requires obedience, diligence, and sacrifice.  The calling to Walk between worlds is both a gift and a burden.”
Del is in training as is Eliot.  Del’s grandfather Monty has always followed his own instincts rather than the highly prescribed path the Consort demands all Walkers to follow. 

The world of Walkers is such that they cannot reveal their existence and abilities to the Originals in the Key World.  Casual acquaintances or business interactions with Originals are tolerated, but strong attachments are forbidden.

When Delancey begins flirting with Simon, who is not a Walker, Eliot calls her on it.  Romantic relationships are frowned upon because the Consort wants to maintain the genetic line of Walkers.
But Del isn’t looking to marry Simon or so she thinks now.

Read this multiverse futuristic novel to find out if the Consort’s intentions can be trusted.