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Monday, May 11, 2015

Shipwreck Island by S.A. Bodeen

Sarah is very angry with her father. Her mother has been dead for six years.  It has been just the two of them- -her father and herself-- against the world.  Now he has met and married Yvonna and moved her two sons Nacho and Marco into their luxurious California home from Texas.

“Tears welled up in Sarah’s eyes, and her throat felt thick. She whirled around striding away from their gate. How could he do that? How could he trust a virtual stranger like that? She’d read about these kinds of things happening, people meeting people online, marrying them, then stealing all their money.”

Her father and Yvonna decide to change their plans for a honeymoon to instead include Sarah, Marco, and Nacho.  It will be an exotic trip to Fiji.  They will sail among the islands and get to know each other as a family blended together.

When the ship Moonlight from Ends of the Earth Luxury Cruises turns out to be a ship in need of repair, both Marco and Sarah goad her father and Yvonna to continue with the excursion in the hopes that it will break up their parents’ month old marriage so their own lives can return to normal.

No one counted on a terrible sudden storm and the death of the ship’s captain!

Will the family “blend together” under the stress of this catastrophe? Will they survive Shipwreck Island?

Read Shipwreck Island to find out! There will definitely be a sequel to this book!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Hidden by Helen Frost

When Wren was eight years old, her mother’s car was stolen.  The scary part was that Wren was in the car but managed to remain hidden!

Days passed as Wren struggled to find a way to escape from the man’s home and garage where he was hiding the stolen vehicle. 

Wren didn't realize that people thought she may have been killed by whomever stole the car. No one knew that the perpetrator didn't even know she was in the car!

Fast forward six years. . . and the daughter of the man who stole the car, Darra, is at the same summer camp with Wren. Neither wants to discuss what happened. 

Read Hidden to find out if they can overcome the dramatic event which has linked them together.